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Windows Live Messenger 2010 Reviewed

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So just got my hands on the Beta of Windows live messenger and i must say i was excited to get my hands on them …for the first time probably in years! Microsoft has decided to revamp the Messenger and they have done a good job!

25-06-2010 22-07-50

This is a smaller view of the windows live messenger or the “ compact” version the one we are use to seeing the windows has a very nice smooth transition when it opens up and contacts signing in does look beautiful the other options are similar with the icon on the top right side next to the add a contact logo does a neat thing which we will review lower down.

The Contact card option is till there and pointless…when u hover over a contact another simple transition highlights the contact.

The Personal message is gone and your nickname is the same thing as your personal message if you notice on the bottom right the ‘Facebook’ icon allows you to change your status on your WLM which will automatically change it on Facebook.











25-06-2010 22-09-06

There is now integration options with MySpace and other Social networking sites like Twitter.

25-06-2010 22-09-36

Setting up facebook is quick and simple and you can also custom your Privacy settings straight from WLM


and this is what you can do with the Facebook integration everything from changing status messages to commenting on peoples recent feed. clickining on the Three boxes you see near the picture results in a very stylish slideshow that goes through the entire gallery.

The tabs ‘ Recent ‘ ‘ Me ‘ etc provide you with more options to control your facebook

Jump list25-06-2010 22-07-36

There is some heavy windows 7 integration with the Jumplists being able to much more now than the previous versions of WLM

25-06-2010 22-10-41

The Chat windows has been updated to add new features like ‘ Appear offline to this person ‘ etc but probably the most disappoiting thing about the new WLM are it’s emotions horrible looking creepy things they are.

25-06-2010 22-10-08

Overall  the chatbox seems likes a more classy and smooth windows from before

25-06-2010 22-13-41

Viewing pictures can now be directly done via SkyDrive which pops up a gorgeous new silverlight based interface to view pictures

25-06-2010 22-13-58

26-06-2010 00-16-37

Photo sharing t he chat windows is also now a beautiful story the background of the windows changes according the to the maximum colour read from the picture



Overall i must say Microsoft is doing a very good job developing its Dying Windows live messenger in a day when Instant messaging is being replaced by social networking.


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June 30, 2010 at 5:04 pm

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