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Microsoft finally reveal the Windows 7 Phone gaming line up …looks very good!

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Kicking off the Gamescom 2010 conference, Microsoft has today for the first time demonstrated Xbox Live integration on prototype Windows Phone 7 devices and named a selection of games which will be available on the upcoming mobile platform from day one.

For the first time since Windows Phone 7 was announced, media outlets have been able to try out the proclaimed Xbox Live features which will be in-built to the operating system. Engadget has labelled the experience "pretty promising", and says the mobile features for Xbox Live are basically identical to those found on the Xbox console.

Users with an Xbox LIVE account will be able to access features including "try-before-you-buy demos, Xbox Live leaderboards, turn-based multiplayer, Achievements and more" Microsoft says. Users can also create and edit special Xbox Live avatars that allows for self expression, while Xbox Live messaging capabilities will also be built in.

Xbox Live for Windows Phone 7

(Image Credit: Microsoft)

The software giant also confirmed that Windows Phone 7 users will be able to access a mobile edition of the Xbox Live Marketplace where more than fifty games will be available from the first day the operating system becomes available with more added weekly. Early titles include big names such as ‘Assassins Creed’, ‘Fast and Furious 7’, iPhone hit ‘Flight Control’, ‘Fruit Ninja’, ‘Guitar Hero 5’ and ‘Splinter Cell Conviction’ with the full list available here.

Microsoft says they hope to compete with other smartphone platforms such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices by maintaining a "laser-focus on great games" — something they say helped the Xbox become what it has today. They’ve created their own dedicated group inside Microsoft Game Studios to work solely on Windows Phone 7 games, and say they’re "working hard" with third-party developers to bring the "best" games to the platform.


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August 17, 2010 at 2:02 pm

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